We’re nearly there!

This time next week the Plymouth History Festival will have started! If you haven’t yet looked at the programme you can find out what’s on offer at https://plymhistoryfest.wordpress.com/ The last three years have been great and we’re hoping that our fourth festival will be just as good!

One month to go…..

The 2016 Plymouth History Festival starts in a month’s time and runs from Saturday 7 May to Sunday 5 June.

This year’s programme includes exhibitions and displays, special events, family activities, talks, walks and tours.

Exhibitions explore subjects such as the Blitz, Charles Darwin, the Battle of Jutland and the history of Plymouth’s sports and sporting personalities.

Walks take place all over the city enabling people to follow in the footsteps of famous figures such as the Parkers of Saltram and the Beatles as well as discover some of the lesser-known aspects of Plymouth‘s heritage.

Talks cover topics as diverse as Agnes Weston, Lawrence of Arabia, Boer War soldiers, historical mining landscapes and the 1970s. They are set to take place in venues as varied as the Plymouth Synagogue, St Andrew‘s Church, Ford Park Cemetery and the Athenaeum.

Special events include an Open Day at the Devonport Naval Heritage Centre, a Medieval Tournament in Plympton St Maurice and Local Studies Day at the Robbins Conference Centre, Plymouth University.

Families can enjoy arts and crafts activities, a children’s quiz and the chance to meet a costumed re-enactor dressed as a World War I nurse, and more.

Visit the pages on this website to find out more now!

Back to events

We are live!

It’s official – our programme for 2016 is now live! Take a look through our website to find out all the details of what’s on offer for this year’s Plymouth History Festival. A brochure will be available next month. In the meantime, you can also read our press release here: http://plymouthnewsroom.co.uk/programme-for-2016-history-festival-goes-live/

Don’t forget to submit your events!

Happy new year to all our followers and supporters. Don’t forget, if you’ve got some events that you’d like to submit for this year’s History Festival programme, the deadline is 23 January! We look forward to hearing from you.

The dates are set for Plymouth History Festival 2016

Just announced! There will be another Plymouth History Festival next year and the dates will be Saturday 7 May to Sunday 5 June. Follow this link to find out how to be a part of it. The deadline for submitting your event information is Friday 23 January.

Thank you for your support

Plymouth History Festival is over for another year but we just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has attended our events. We hope you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve been to and thank you for your support. A huge thanks also to all our partners – we couldn’t do it without you:)

Coming to an end

It’s the final day for this year’s Festival today. We hope you have a good one whatever you’re up to:)

Final day events

Well, here we are – previewing the final day of this year’s History Festival. To round off the month there are tours of the Distillery, Synagogue and Citadel taking place tomorrow. There’s also another ‘1215 Plymouth, Pilgrims and Knights’ walk around Sutton Harbour and The Barbican, a talk about ‘Lost Churches of Plymouth’ and a special event called ‘Your History, Your Heritage…..Uncovered’ at Devonport Guildhall.

What’s on this Saturday?

We’ve reached the final weekend of this year’s Festival and on Saturday we have lots of exhibitions, displays and installations on offer as well as ‘A Short Walk to No Place’ starting at Victoria Park and a ‘Garden Discovery Tour’ at Saltram.

Only three days left!

Just three more days left of this year’s Festival! Where does the time go? On Friday we have a talk at the Devonport Naval Heritage Centre called ‘Sail to Steam: The Industrialisation of Craftsmen’ and a ‘Plymouth Blitz Walk and Talk’ as well as many exhibitions on display across the city.


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