Local Studies Day 2015

Details of this year’s Local Studies Day have now been added to our Special Events page at https://plymhistoryfest.wordpress.com/specialevents/

Get set for 2015

Here we go again! As promised, our first big web update is now live. Browse through the website now for details of many of the events that will take place during this year’s Plymouth History Festival. Extra events will be added as they are confirmed.

Getting ready

Thanks very much to everyone who has submitted their details for inclusion in this year’s Festival programme.

We’re just working through all the information we’ve received and are aiming to go live with our first big website update by mid-February. Watch this space!

Call for 2015 entries

We’re looking for events for next year’s Festival which will run from Friday 1 to Sunday 31 May 2015.

If you would like to submit your event information for possible inclusion in next year’s programme please visit our registration page to find out more.

The closing date for submissions is 24 December 2014.

That’s a wrap

Well we can’t quite believe it, but Plymouth History Festival 2014 is all wrapped up and finished! It’s been an incredible month of amazing events from such a huge range of people, and we thank each and every one of you. We hope you found this year’s History Festival as wonderful and fascinating as we did, and if you have any feedback we’d be happy to hear it. For now, however, have a happy and sunny June, and we’ll see you all next May for Plymouth History Festival 2015!

The final day

We’re almost over! What a month it’s been though. Our final day offers you an exhibition on Lost Senses by Juliet Middleton-Batts at the Plymouth Arts Centre, and a final opportunity to listen to a fascinating talk on Freemasonry and its Historic Connection with Plymouth. Finishing up too is Plymouth History Week Live at Drake Circus, who are celebrating the Three Towns on Saturday. We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last month, and we’ll see you tomorrow for our final events!

The penultimate day

It’s the penultimate day of the Plymouth History Festival 2014 tomorrow, and we haven’t run out of steam yet. An exhibition on Lost Senses by Juliet Middleton-Batts opens at the Plymouth Arts Centre, so make sure you take a wander round that. There’s also a talk on the Outbreak of War in the Three Towns at the Central Library, beginning at 2:30pm. It’s the last day of half term, so bring the children along to Meet the Vikings at the Museum, where they can learn about Viking life from some real life Vikings. Drake Circus continues with its Plymouth History Week Live, tomorrow examining Plymouth’s military, maritime, and WWI links. The History Festival is almost over, so come along and enjoy the penultimate day.

Plenty to do on Thursday

The countdown continues as we look towards Thursday, with only three days left. There’s plenty to see and do tomorrow, and as usual Saltram House is extra busy. They have guided tours including Being a Servant at Saltram, Where are the Toilets?, and A Few of my Favourite Things. There’s also a guided walk, Strolling Saltram’s Shore, which meets in the National Trust car park. It’s also your last chance to take a guided tour of the Plymouth Synagogue, so don’t miss your opportunity. St. Andrew’s Minster Church has a number of events available for you to enjoy, including guided tours of St. Andrew’s Church, or St. Andrew’s Church and Prysten House. There is also a final organ recital by Jeremy Clark. If the children want to get involved, then come along to Fish, Ships, and Lighthouses at Smeaton’s Tower, or the Setting Sail workshop at the Museum. Day three of Plymouth History Week Live at Drake Circus looks at art. We’ll see you all tomorrow!

Workshops, talks, tours, and books

Only four days left, and Wednesday won’t disappoint. It’s your last chance to take the Buckland Abbey in depth tour tomorrow morning, so don’t miss it. Plymouth Museum has a talk on Plympton-boy-done-good Sir Joshua Reynolds and his Artistic Career. There’s also a meeting of the Plymouth Global Book Club, focusing on “The Speech” by Gary Younge in the evening, over at Plymouth University. If the young ones want something to do, then why not pop down to the Museum for their drop in workshop, Portrait Consequences, or head over to Smeaton’s Tower for the Fish, Ships, and Lighthouses workshop. Plymouth History Week Live continues in Drake Circus, with a theme of the secrets of Plymouth. Ooh-err!

The countdown continues

So you’ve made it through Monday, and Tuesday is on its way to keep you happy. Saltram House has another two guided tours of the Forgotten Stables for you to enjoy, as well as another guided talk Exploring the Garden Buildings. There are also guided tours of North Prospect and Plymouth synagogue if you’ve already participated in the Saltram House tours. St. Andrew’s Minster Church has a guided tour available for you too, around St. Andrew’s Church and Prysten House. And whilst you’re there why not enjoy listening to the organ recital at 1pm. From 7pm Mutley Baptist Church is hosting a talk on The Plight of Plymouth’s Poor – Were your relatives living in Plymouth in 1851-1925? What was their life really like? If you’re in town then why not pop into Drake Circus for their event Plymouth History Week Live. Tomorrow’s focus is on explorers. There’s something for everyone tomorrow, so we’ll see you then!


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