Strech your legs and stretch your mind

It’s Thursday tomorrow, and we have plenty for you to do. Exercise may be important for a healthy body, but our exercise will help you with a healthy mind too. Saltram House has two guided tours on, namely Where are the Toilets? and Being a Servant at Saltram. They also have a guided talk called Kill or Cure, which sounds both ominous and fascinating! Plymouth Shortcuts are walking in the evening, with Funky Archive Films on your Phone. There’s also a Walking Treasure Hunt starting at Plympton Library at 6pm. The Plymouth Beating of the Bounds is on tomorrow, as well as a guided tour of the Plympton Priory Site and Plympton St. Mary’s Church. If that all sounds like too much walking for you, then we’ve also got the Historic Plympton exhibition in its new home at Plympton Library, or a talk on Crime and Punishment in the 18th and 19th centuries at the Naval Heritage Centre. Stretch your legs and stretch your minds, that’s what Thursday’s all about.


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