About the Festival

The dates for the next Plymouth History Festival are

Saturday 6 May to Sunday 4 June 2017

The Festival aims to celebrate and highlight as many different aspects of the city’s unique history and heritage as possible.

Since launching in 2013, it has featured more than 600 events which have been enjoyed by thousands of local residents and visitors.

Each year the programme features a variety of events, including:

  • Exhibitions and Displays
  • Guided Tours
  • Talks
  • Walks
  • Family Fun
  • Open Days and Special Events
  • Food, Drink, Music and Performance

Events have been aimed at all age groups and take place in church halls and guild halls, country houses and historic houses, museums and galleries, archives and libraries and much, much more.

The festival has a new website this year – visit it now to see what’s on offer.


8 thoughts on “About the Festival”

  1. I have looked through all the information on the Plymouth History Festival but can’t seem to find any information about the history of Plymouth Argyle. Surely, this is a great omission considering that the Argyle have been the premier sports club in the Plymouth area for over hundred years.

    1. Thanks very much for your feedback. We do try and make sure that each History Festival showcases a range of topics connected to the city’s history. Plymouth Argyle does not feature in this year’s Festival but we will definitely get in touch with them if the Festival takes place again next year to see if they are interested in taking part. Best wishes.

    2. I have a great newspaper clip I found online “How Argyle Was Born” [Western Morning News November 18, 1937] The Lord Mayor of Plymouth Solomon Stephens query the name “Argyle” for the Plymouth Argyle Football Club was formed and was given and explanation by Mr. J.J. Pascho former hon. Secretary and Treasurer of Devon County Football Association at the first annual dinner and dance of Argyle Shareholders’ Association at the Continental Hotel on November 17th, 1937. My Great Grandmother Mary was honored at this dinner dance as Lady Mayoress. I’ll be glad to email or post this great story if folks are interested? Lee Fox, Rockland, Maine [leegfox@yahoo.com].

    1. Dear Roger – we have distributed 6,000 booklets across the city including the library network but they seem to be like gold dust this year! If you are unable to find one in hard copy we have added it as a download to the At A Glance page on this website. Best wishes.

  2. I read my pirate stories from my own book to children on the Barbican pavements on 16/17th May. The adventure stories for 6/10 yr olds are set on our local beaches. I bet those children will be begging their parents to take them there. It was just great to see children step into fantasy land! They all said “thank you”. Brilliant!

  3. I attended Lawrence Axworthy’s “Bombing of Plymouth ” at Ford Park Cemetry tonight. A very interesting and poignant illustrated talk, with some amazing footage, photos and information. I can thoroughly recommend it- and once again the warm welcome from the Friends of FPC made it an excellent evening

    1. Thank you for your message Paula – and great to hear that you enjoyed the talk so much. Best wishes.

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